Tuesday, March 25, 2008


actually i'm now working in S'pore using S'pass, I'm holder of Bachelor of engineering ( Mechanical), 1993. Recently working at oil & chemical field, if u have any idea to advice me regarding about seeeking job in Canada pls let me know,

Nomally people apply PR first.,,with your level I think easy to apply for that.After people arrive to canada they go to university and get some courses( for you engineering Mechanical), )because canada only respect local degree I do not know why they proud like that.
I have some sample for you ,,One burmese guy worked in Malaysia with burmese passport same like your level(R.I.T).he earn some money and apply canada PR then their family move to canada and he bought the hourse ,he go to university and getting short term course.
and looking and working same field in canada .After 5 years he got the citizen ,he apply to same job same company in Malaysia before he working ,,,he got more money then before he came to canada because he is canadian citizen now.He come back two time a year to see family also his wife go to Malaysia see him too.you want to know why he move to canada with his family,His daughter is studying 2nd yrs (medical ) in university now.People only think about their children' furture.So they move to canada.
Now alberta provience is very rich with oil.see in following link below....

good luck................