Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thai-Burmese Interpreter escaped

Thai-Burmese translator known as ( Ko Ye ) hiring  by thai
police threatened two young burmese boys.
He show us translator ID card issue by
 Myanmar embassy as he said.
He slaped and kicked to our faces then he said that
'' Do you know how to kill the people in Thailand?''
" I will take out your teeth"
"Either I will cut your body in pieces and cover
with concrete and throw in the water or I will
put tires on your body and fire on."
"If you are not guilty yourself I will cut your fingers."
'"I will help you to get 4 yrs. sentence only
If you say that we did kill English couple."
We don't want to die behind bar so we lied to police
 and we will tell the truth at court.

( Ko Ye is a Bengali and two boys are Rakhine .)

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