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(NUG)People's government has right to stand in the world

By- Hla Soe Wai

Sep12 2012

The United Nations, the world's highest body responsible for global security and peace, has long been unable to play its role in Burma and has long turned its attention to Asean, a regional organization.

Therefore, ASEAN came in with a red cane. China and The United States has reiterated its support for Asean's efforts, but has pretended not to know that their long-term survival is more important to the military council.

Min Aung Hlaing, who attended the ASEAN Summit on 24 April, agreed with the five-point plan set by ASEAN on the grounds that it would be able to control the situation at the time, but failed to live up to expectations.

 ASEAN and UN special envoys are no longer allowed to enter the country.

Currently, the National Unity Government has openly announced to the world that a people's war of resistance will be waged across the country.

This is because the members of the global family have been slow to focus on their own interests rather than on humanitarian issues.

The UN has not commented on the surprising uprisings of the people in the underworld. It is also possible that this will not affect the decision-making committee's decision.

The US Federal Reserve is also reportedly awaiting a UN decision on who to transfer $ 1 billion to.

The New York Times, a well-respected newspaper around the world, has warned the Burmese military council on the same level as the Taliban.

Currently, the United Nations is hesitant and civil war is raging in Burma. At the same time, the people are being killed by the terrorist military council on a daily basis. Villages were being set on fire, and they were fleeing into the mountains with only their clothes on.

The Terrorist Council, which claims to be its own government, has gone so far as to negotiate with non-state actors that it has neglected its obligations to uphold international ethics.

Currently, fighting is taking place in the border areas where most ethnic groups live. Mandalay Sagaing Fighting has spread to the central part of the country, including Magway, and reports of massive influx of refugees into India's Mizoram state are circulating on a daily basis.

The country's economy is in the throes of five catastrophes, with the dollar plummeting to more than 2,000 kyat.

Villages were looted and set on fire. As the suspects were being shot and killed, the words "Japanese squirrels are coming ... run" that used to be seen in Burmese films will be replaced by "war dogs are coming in ... run and run". There are also reports of conspiracies across the country.

If the body is recognized by the United Nations, international human rights groups, Activists and the media will talk nonsense. Some countries and international organizations still have a long way to go before the Rohingya issue can be resolved, and it remains unclear how to deal with the current military.

It is important to note that the 54 million people of Burma now face a life-and-death crisis, and that the Rohingya will not dare return to their captives as long as the current military controls the country

It should also be noted that the current coup d'état has been exacerbated by the State Counselor government, which has suppressed extremist patriots from behind the scenes.

Burmese citizens in the United States and Europe are expected to nominate Kyaw Moe Tun, the ambassador representing their people, in London on Sunday. Protests have already taken place in cities such as Amsterdam.

Burmese are also marching in front of the UN headquarters in New York to protest.

The revolution must succeed !!! 

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